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APC Meeting, Town of Qualicum Beach

Town of Qualicum Beach

November 25, 2020

Zoning Amendment: 431 College Road

The owner of 431 College Road has made an application to amend the existing zoning, Residential 15 (R15), for the subject property.The proposal is to permit a 62-unit multi-residential development on the subject property.The proposal is for three buildings, Building A, Building B and the Qualicum College. Building A is proposed to have 14 units, Building B is proposed to have 22 units and the Qualicum College is proposed to have 10 units. The Qualicum College structure is proposed to be torn down and rebuilt as a replica of the Qualicum College from the perspective of College Road.The north side (water side) will vary from the original building and will have larger windows and decks.Building A and Building B would be new buildings.

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